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Not Your Average Driver Training Program

Going Beyond Cones in a Parking Lot

Drive to Survive: The Art of Wheeling the Rig is not your average driver training program.  It provides an in-depth examination of the science and practical aspects of driving an emergency vehicle under both routine and high stress conditions.  Just as a doctor cannot heal the human body without a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, an emergency vehicle operator cannot safely drive an emergency vehicle without an in-depth knowledge of vehicle dynamics.  The program is designed to fill the gaps left by many emergency vehicle operator courses (EVOC) taught around the country.

After nearly two decades of research, crash investigations, and teaching the "Drive to Survive" seminar throughout the United States, Chris Daly has designed the  "Drive to Survive" program as an easy-to-understand seminar for emergency vehicle operators, EVOC students, EVOC instructors, and in-house driver training managers.  To date, the class has been presented over 615 times to over 26,000 emergency responders across the country and is featured every year at the prestigious Fire Department Instructor's Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In addition to addressing important topics related to emergency vehicle driving and crash causation, this program addresses many of the key points required by the NFPA 1451 and NFPA 1500 standards for fire apparatus and emergency vehicle operators.  "Drive to Survive" also provides crucial information related to emergency vehicle crash investigators, driver training program development, and an in-depth analysis of several emergency vehicle crashes that have occurred throughout the fire service over the past several years.  

"Drive to Survive: The Art of Wheeling the Rig" is not about checking oil, pumping an engine, or positioning an aerial apparatus for rescue.  "Drive to Survive" is designed to teach the students how to understand the advanced vehicle dynamics topics that are not covered in a typical EVOC program.  Most importantly, this program teaches the front-line emergency vehicle operator how and why emergency vehicle crashes occur to help prevent tragedies in the future. 

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Christopher Daly

Founder - Lead Instructor

Chris Daly is a 27-year police veteran, currently serving as a lieutenant in West Chester, PA. Chris is an accredited crash reconstructionist (ACTAR #1863) and a lead investigator for the Chester County Serious Crash Assistance Team. In addition to his police duties, Chris has served over 34 years as both a career and volunteer firefighter, holding numerous positions, including the rank of assistant fire chief. Chris has a master's degree in Environmental Health Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He is a contributing author to numerous fire service professional publications including "Fire Engineering Magazine" and "Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine". He has also authored the first textbook devoted entirely to Fire & EMS Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC) entitled "Drive to Survive - The Art of Wheeling the Rig". Chris has also developed the "Drive to Survive" training program, which has been presented to more than 26,000 emergency responders at over 615 emergency service agencies across the United States. Additional resources concerning emergency vehicle driver training, seminar scheduling, and emergency vehicle crash reconstruction can be found at his website .